The most important department of any company trading in medical equipment is the repair department. Presently, in the sector’s broader market, the technical inadequacy of many companies is well established, leading to a significant delay in the repair of even the simplest of technical failures. The current inadequacy causes the owners of the medical devices great discomfort, unnecessarily high charges, time consuming procedures, confusion, and, very often, leads to dead ends.

Main Board repairs

For the last 12 years, our company has been operating the most modern and complete board and central unit repair department in Europe. This results in both providing technical support for the medical equipment our company sells, and in repairing demanding technical failures of specialised operating systems belonging to international companies, which have been sending boards to be repaired to Greece for the past decade. Our technical department repairs more than 250 different faults in almost all types of portable or stationary ultrasound machines, regardless of their brand or type.

Indicatively, please see below some of the main technical faults in ultrasound boards that our company’s technical department successfully deals with:

Hitachi Avius

Typical damage to the board beam former.

Aloka F75

Typical damage to the board beam former.

Aloka A7

Typical damage to the board beam former.

Aloka A7

Typical damage to the board beam former.

Head Repairs

Buying an ultrasound probe is especially costly. Repairing probes is one of the main advantages our company offers, as we have a fully up-to-date and specialised technical department for ultrasound probe repairs, which is staffed by Electronic Engineering graduates with 20 years of experience. We repair, maintain, and prevent dozens of technical faults, in contrast to some of our competitors, who propose the replacement of the probes. Our ultrasound probe repair department is another serious reason for you to feel even safer with us.

Indicatively, please see below some of the most important technical faults in ultrasound probes our company’s technical department deals with:

Ventilation 4D κεφαλής

Head General Electric RAB 4-8-D

Engine repair 4D Head

Head Samsung V5-9

Lens repair

Urology head

Lens replacement

General purpose head Linear UST-5412

All of the above repair procedures are certified in accordance with quality assurance standard ISO 9001.