Dormed Hellas S.A. has been certified for all its operational procedures with ISO 1001. Therefore, from the reception and refurbishment of the medical devices, to their installation and maintenance, we implement strict protocols that guarantee maximum quality as regards diagnostic imaging, as well as the continuous operation of the medical equipment.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 standard is an internationally recognised Quality Management System, as published and standing by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

Repair process

In all repair procedures, Dormed Hellas implements the collected policies, guidelines, documented procedures, and archives, in accordance with standard ISO 9001. The implementation of these procedures determines all internal rules that govern the way in which Dormed Hellas creates and delivers a product or a service to its customers. The company’s Quality Management system is adapted to its business needs, and it mostly provides a series of guidelines aiming at quality repair of all technical malfunctions.

Quality check

At Dormed Hellas, every refurbished medical device is inspected and checked in accordance with all procedures required by ISO 9001 prior to its delivery. Thus the company ensures that no future malfunctions may occur.

After Sales Support

Dormed Hellas has created the most complete After Sales Support department in Europe. For every malfunction, question, or concern that may arise, the company is there to respond immediately. All After Sales support services are certified and operate based on the ISO 9001 quality control standard.

Dormed ISO-9001-2015

Dormed warranty

We provide a 30 days guarantee for refurbished devices and a two-year guarantee for new devices. Complete replacement with a corresponding machine in case of malfunction is offered for the entire duration of the guarantee.