Founders Athanasios Xilopinakas and Marios Konstantiniou drew up the moral and operational standards that continue to guide both the company and its partners in all its professional activities to this day.


The main object of Dormer Hellas S.A. is supplying, maintaining and providing technical support of ultrasound imaging machines. In this sector we represent the Leading and Innovative Japanese Company, HITACHI, which combines top quality in ultrasound imaging with flawless Japanese construction and durability. Dormed Hellas SA is currently in a position to provide all private doctors, private diagnostic centres, and private or public hospitals with access to refurbished ultrasound machines from among a large number of top models from around the world, at just 1/3 of their original price. Our company ensures and guarantees in writing the sound operation of all refurbished machines through multiple stages of technical quality control. One of the company’s important advantages is the updated Demo Room, in which we provide any doctor with the opportunity of assessing all top ultrasound machine models under real medical examination conditions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously contribute in any way we can, so that the quality of provided medical services is at the highest operational level, always improving the technical coverage of the Medical Equipment used in the service of humanity.

Our Vision

In a very demanding business sector, we strive so that our company’s growth is always responsible and serious. Our vision and main goal is to strengthen as much as possible our company’s position in the sector of ultrasound imaging and new technologies. We want to always be flexible, simple, effective, and faithful to our partnerships. We work to ensure that our customers are constantly updated with new techniques and smart operating methods, aiming at openness, increasing competitiveness, and strengthening profitability, always based on market ethics. Our vision is for Dormed Hellas SA to be a reliable partner for all private doctors and public hospitals, offering solutions and innovative high tech products that provide value for money, covering every need.