Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a basic parameter for our company, both as regards our business activity, and as regards our management model. At every moment we try to offer our products and services to society with respect towards our fellow people as our goal and main axis.

One of the fundamental values and most important principles of the operation of our company throughout its history, has been contributing to the progress and prosperity of Greek society. The result of adopting these principles is the development of a corporate culture that springs from our company’s intention to operate responsibly in all sectors that are important axes for sustainable growth.According to the definition provided in the Green Paper for Corporate Social Responsibility (European Commission, 2001), it is the concept according to which companies integrate on a voluntary basis social and environmental concerns into their business operations and in their interactions with other stakeholders, as they realise that responsible behaviour leads to business success”. (Source: Hellenic Corporate Social Responsibility Network)

External Corporate Social Responsibility

External Corporate Social Responsibility concerns the extension of our company’s responsibility to the local community. It aims at a broad range of stakeholders, including our employees, shareholders, business partners, suppliers, customers, and public authorities representing local communities or dealing with the environment.

Internal Corporate Social Responsibility

At our company, internal Corporate Social Responsibility mainly concerns our employees, as it is connected to issues such as investing in human resources, health, and occupational safety. It opens the path towards social growth and improved competitiveness.

In the framework of corporate social responsibility, our company has, from the moment it was founded, supported state and private hospitals in practice. Taking advantage of our many years of experience, we regularly donate refurbished medical equipment at no cost, covering critical medical needs of clinics or hospitals that have failed to be covered for too long.

10 Ultrasound System

Since 1998 we have donated 10 modern ultrasound machines to hospital foundations and organisations

500 Repairs 

In total, more than 500 hours of free services and medical equipment repairs have been offered.


In scholarships to universities and research foundations 

Donations In detail


Donation of Hitachi colour ultrasound machine to the Paediatric Radiology department of Ippokrateio hospital in Thessaloniki.


Donation of cardiograph to the university clinic of Ippokrateio hospital in Thessaloniki.


Donation of ultrasound machine to the Thessaloniki electronics TEI for student training.


Donation of medical equipment to the clinics of the Mt Athos monasteries.


Participation of Dormed Hellas S.A. in constructing a polyclinic and supplying equipment to the mission in Tanzania.


Donation of an ultrasound to a social clinic in Thessaloniki