Ultrasound Hitachi Hi Vision Ascendus

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The HI VISION Ascendus is an ultrasound platform in a class of its own, fulfilling your aspirations for a versatile, comprehensive and flexible ultrasound system that delivers all-round high performance imaging for all your diagnostic needs.


  • Wideband Pulse Inversion Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • High definition dynamic Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • HI Com
  • HI Rez+
  • Adaptive Enhance
  • Coded Imaging
  • HI Zoom
  • HI Support B and FFT auto-optimisation
  • dynamic Contrast Harmonic Imaging
  • Colour Wideband Pulse Inversion
  • Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI) Mode
  • Panoramic Imaging (WideView)
  • Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE)
  • 4D RTE
  • Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS)
  • 3D and 4D volume imaging
  • Real-time Bi-Plane Imaging
  • Picture in Picture
  • Dual Gate Doppler
  • Colour Tissue Tracking
  • IMT measurement
  • M-mode navigation
  • Real-time Doppler AutoTrace

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