Ultrasound Aloka ProSound Alpha 6 (used)

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The ProSound Alpha 6 brings outstanding image quality, award winning design, unprecedented feature-rich performance, and ease of use to the office market. Τhis compact system offers high-end features and technologies in an easy-to-use, affordable and environmentally friendly system. The ProSound Alpha 6’s high power processor allows a number of imaging modes previously seen only in high-end systems. The system supports a full range of probes and software, designed to support better diagnostics and patient care.


  • 2D-mode imaging
  • Color Flow, Power Flow and Spectral Doppler
  • M Mode
  • Award Winning Universal Design
  • Broadband Harmonics
  • Adaptive Image Processing (AIP)
  • Spatial Compound Imaging (SCI)
  • Image Optimizer
  • Free Angular M-Mode (FAM)
  • Extended Field of View (EFV)
  • Environmentally Friendly

Medical Specialty

Cardiologist, Endocrinologists, Gynecologist, Radiologist