3-lead Holter Rythm H3+

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3-lead Holter Rythm 24h or 48h recording H3+ of Mortara Instrument.

3-lead Holter Rythm 7 days recording, the smallest of the world. Allows you to record heart function on 3 leads, 1 to 7 days!

Mortara Instrument presents the lightest and smallest Holter Rythm of the global market with liquid crystal display.



  • Continuous digital recording of 3-lead beat to beat.
  • Connect Holter to PC by USB to transfer the recordings
  • Just 28 grams with battery (type ΑΑΑ).
  • LCD screen display of waveforms
  • Detection of high resolution pacemaker on frequency 10.000 s/set/channel
  • Possibility to start recording from the Recorder H3 without PC intervention
  • Required Leads II, V1, V5.
  • Button for recording event by patient
  • Connect to DICOM.
  • Capability for 48h recording


The Mortara H3+ can be combined with the HScribe Holter Analysis Program Mortara HScribe 6, which operates in an environment of WINDOWS.



Medical Specialty